10 Anime Superpowers Fans Would Kill For!

There is no shortage of superheroes in our world. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in the real world, and that diversity only multiplies when you look at the massive pantheon of fictional superheroes. If you check out Marvel and DC Comics, their universes have hundreds of unique heroes with their own powers. Plenty of kids have grown up wanting to be Superman as such, but there are those who didn’t care for the Kryptonian ex-pat.

No, there are millions of want to be Goku instead. You know, because Super Saiyans.

When it comes to anime, there are thousands of heroes out there with their own unique powers. Son Goku put Super Saiyans on the map, but other characters like Saitama and Naruto have since popularized their own superpowers. So, Konnichiwa Magazine is here to breakdown some of the medium’s top abilities which would make any fan jealous. So, you will want to keep a check on how green you’re feeling as you read through the following slides… You don’t want to get too envious, you know?


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure may seem like an intimidating series to get into. Its hyper-masculine designs can throw newcomers off, but there is one big reason anime fans come back to the franchise again and again. The story’s drama is what grabs their interest at first, but viewers stick around once they see their first Stand.

Yes, anime fans would do a lot to have their own Stand in the real world. The power is a unique one to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and its supernatural origins mean there are lots of different Stands out there. To put it simply, a Stand is the physical representation of a person’s life energy or fighting spirit. Fighters can wield the Stands for good or evil depending on their slant, and they can look pretty gnarly.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

If you have watched Sailor Moon, then you know being a magical girl isn’t always as fun as it is cracked up to be. Not only does Usagi have to worry about her life as a student, but the pigtailed heroine has to worry about the fate of the galaxy. However, her journey becomes a bit more manageable thanks to the power of her Silver Crystal.

Everything fans see Usagi do as Sailor Moon is thanks to the Silver Crystal. As the lore explains, the item is the most powerful artifacts in the universe, and it gives its wielder incredible power. The crystal can only be used by members of the Moon dynasty such as Usagi, and it powers the brooches which turn the ordinary girl into an extraordinary Sailor Scout. Who wouldn’t want that??


One Piece may look like your everyday series involving pirates, but the franchise is anything but. Eiichiro Oda knew he needed to spice up the series with fantastical powers, and his seafaring mind helped him conjure up items fans know as Devil Fruits. And, if otakus had a chance to snack on one of them, they would do so ASAP.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Devil Fruits, they are a source of unimaginable power in One Piece. As the story goes, Devil Fruits are mystical snacks which give whoever ingest them a unique superpower. The exact mechanics behind the Devil Fruits have yet to revealed, but fans have seen some of the powers they’ve given. Luffy, for instance, was given the power of elasticity thanks to the Gomu Gomu no Mi. However, others have gotten powers such as magnetism, diamond-hardening, levitation, and more.


My Hero Academia shows anime fans how right things can go when superheroes take over the medium. The action-packed series tells the story of Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without a Quirk in a time of heroes. However, the boy is given a shot to become a Pro Hero when the icon All Might gives Izuku the Quirk known as One For All. And, as fans know, the ability is truly an over-powered one.

One For All manages to stand out even in a universe filled with whacky powers. The Quirk was a mutated one created when two powers combined: a Quirk which stockpiles power and a second that allows Quirks to be transferred. The series has yet to break down all the secrets behind All For One, but it is an insanely powerful Quirk to wield. After all, it did help All Might become the No. 1 Hero and the world’s Symbol of Peace.

(Photo: Sunrise Inc. )

Code Geass is all about political corruption and world domination, but that doesn’t mean fans cannot drool over its unique superpower. There was never a need for any supernatural shenanigans or superhuman strength in this anime. No, you only need the power of Geass to get by.

The special ability is an impossible one to predict thanks to its unique nature. The psychic gift manifests differently in each user as it is derived from their inner-most desires. Geass is an ocular power that grants its users one specific gift, and Code Geass showed off how versatile it could be. Lelouch’s Geass gave him the power of absolute obedience which let him to control anyone upon making direct eye contact. Other Geass users granted powers like memory alteration and even telepathy.


When it comes to superheroes, there are some guys out there who just cannot be touched. DC Comics fans know Superman is ridiculously over-powered while Marvel fans treat the Hulk the same way. However, in the world of anime, it is Saitama who otakus all want to be like.

One Punch Man’s titular hero is a beast with no upper limit. Saitama may be bald and gangly, but no one has been able to beat the guy in battle since he unlocked his immeasurable strength. Despite doing very little training, Saitama was able to somehow break all human limits of power, and he is now able to end any fight by doling out a simple serious punch.


Fairy Tail fans know there are few better powers out there than magic. The ever-present energy is ripe for the picking if mages study hard enough, and the variety of magic out there ensures everyone can find their go-to form of combat.

According to Fairy Tail, its brand of magic comes from within. The energy is the physical embodiment of one’s soul, and its spiritual connection to nature is what gives it incredible power. Only ten percent of the population can use magic within the Fairy Tail universe, but those who can are immensely powerful. There are dozens of magical categories, but its two main classifications are Caster and Holder Magic. The first refers to a person who expels magic from within themselves while the second nods to mages who channel their magic through an external source.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

If you are a shonen fan, you have surely heard of the Super Saiyan form. The iconic series made millions of children wish they could use the form when Dragon Ball Z was airing, and that fervor has yet to die down. These days, adults and children would fight tooth and nail for a shot to experience the Super Saiyan transformation for themselves.

Of course, going Super Saiyan would be a fun experiment for anyone. The form gives its user bright blond hair and blue eyes, but its power-up is what makes audiences the most excited. When guys like Goku go Super Saiyan, their base power is upped 50x and gives them a massive boost in speed. The form is one reserved solely for members of the Saiyan race, Dragon Ball has introduced plenty of variations on the power-up since it debuted decades ago.


When it comes to supernatural powers, Naruto has its hands full. The shonen title is known for its insane ninjutsu, and heroes like Kakashi have shown how powerful heroes in the franchise can become. However, if fans had to fight over just one  of its powers, it would have to be the Sharingan even if the Second Hokage says the ocular power-up is cursed.

The Sharingan looks creepy on the outside, but there is way more to it than its red-and-black design. The power is one used by the Uchiha clan, and it gives its users an array of powers. At its most basic, the Sharingan gifts two abilities: the Eye of Insight and the Eye of Hypnotism. Those powers let any Sharingan user to predict movements, break genjutsu, instantly memorize text, and a whole lot more.

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Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t the first series to explore the idea of Alchemy. Centuries ago, real-world scholars wondered if such a power existed, but nothing ever came to pass from their studies. However, if anime fans had a say, they would be able to transmute all the live long day.

When it comes to Fullmetal Alchemist, alchemy is all about equivalent exchange. The ancient practice of manipulating and altering matter into a totally different form requires intense study to nail down the idea. Users must learn the restrictions of alchemy if they want their transmutations to work, and drawing transmutation circles is no easy task. But, if you dedicate yourself to the craft, then there is very little you cannot do. Just — maybe don’t delve into any human transmutations.


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