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    These Naruto x Star Wars Crossovers are what’s missing in your life

    Just a quick thought; Naruto parallels star wars in several ways. Below is a quick run down of all the analogies I could think of. I realize that some of them are imperfect, and that I’m likely missing quite a few. Thoughts?


    • Naruto is Luke Skywalker: He is the child of destiny who will bring peace and balance to his respective universe. He doesn’t have parents, and is instead raised by uncle like figures (Kakashi and Jiraiya). He’s also the second of two children of prophecy, Nagato being the first. A bit of late bloomer who need multiple mentors to realize his potential. Rushes into situations head first, is easily overwhelmed by their emotion, and wants to talk it out with the villain.


    • Jiraiya is Obi-Wan Kenobi: Wise old sage who passes along his knowledge and skill before sacrificing himself to ensure that his current pupil can defeat his former pupil.

    • Tobi/Madara is the emperor: More or less pure evil that operates from the shadows, manipulating the dark organization while training a powerful apprentice.


    • Nagato is Anakin/Vader: Incredibly powerful child of prophecy trained by the Jiraiya/Obi Wan character. Falls to the dark side in an effort to bring peace through force, but in an effort to make amends eventually sacrifices himself after facing the true child of prophecy in a climactic battle. Also has a hidden identity, in so far that his six paths of pain equate roughly to Vader’s mask, and Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader while Nagato become Pein.

    • 10 tails (or biju) is the death star: Overwhelmingly powerful weapons that can devastate entire villages/planets. I guess the six paths of pein/rinnegan could also be seen as being equivalent.

    • Fukasaku is Yoda: Small, green, wise, ancient, super-powerful alien like mentor.

    • Kushina is Padame: Strong independent diplomat who dies giving birth to the child of prophecy.

    • Konohana Ninja are the Jedi: Relatively large collective on the side of light who want to bring peace through refined power coupled with zen wisdom. Blind to actions of their dark counterparts until it’s too late.

    • All the villians are Sith: Always in a pair(Orichamaru + Kabuto/Sasuke, Akatski two man teams, Vader/Emperor ), willing to ignore moral imperatives for the sake of some higher purpose, power hungry, achieve greater ability by embracing hatred, emotion, etc.

    • Chakra is the force: Internal power that requires concentration to control. Overuse leads to exhaustion.

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    20 Jaw-Dropping “All Grown Up” Versions Of Classic Cartoon Characters

    Fans of the ’90s and early 2000s share a sense of nostalgia when looking back on their childhoods. If you were in this age group, your afternoons were most likely spent in front of the television, watching endless cartoons while eating Dunk-a-Roos and slurping down JuicyJuice. Shows back then were so good that they led to big screen movies and fairly successful spin-offs in the early to mid-2000s. We saw the Rugrats go from adventurous toddlers to struggling middle-schoolers and watched timid seventh-grader Ginger mature into a confident high-schooler.  But what about other beloved characters?

    Artist Isaiah K Stephens offers a look at how puberty effected other cartoon characters in his “All Grown Up” series, which can be viewed on his Instagram at isaiahks_art. Working as a freelance illustrator and animator in Lowell, MA, Stephens’ matured re-imaginings of these iconic characters show a glimpse at how each one of them has embraced their newfound adulthood yet still retain their recognizably unique personalities. The series features characters, spanning from different age groups , from major childhood networks Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, PBS, Cartoon Network and more. Who’s ready to walk down memory lane and possibly reawaken some childhood crushes along the way?


    Rugrats featured the imaginative adventures of a group of toddlers curious about life beyond their playpen. Brave Tommy was the leader of this rag-tag team of munchkins, followed closely by best friend Chuckie and twins Phil and Lil. They were often joined by bratty Angelica and lovable Susie. In The Rugrats Movie, Tommy became big brother to troublesome Dil while Chuckie gained sister Kimi and mother Kira in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. The spin-off series, All Growed Up, featured pre-teen and teenage versions of the characters attempting to navigate middle school life.

    In Stephens’ series, the precocious toddlers have grown up into stylish versions of their former selves. Tommy appears to have taken over his father’s inventing business while Chuckie’s embraced his nerdy side. Phil has taken on a skater boy physique complete with a Reptar tattoo. Angelica hasn’t changed much, still looking like the stereotypical mean girl.


    Fourth-grader Arnold faced many challenges navigating inner-city life but always had his street-smart friend Gerald by his side. Despite her taunts, bully Helga tried desperately to conceal her true feelings for him. Always willing to help a friend in need, Arnold often was joined by his eccentric collection of classmates when it came to his adventures. In 2002, the character received his own feature film, Hey Arnold!: The Movie. The sequel, Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is expected to premiere November 24 of this year.

    So long “football head” and hello gorgeous cheekbones! Arnold has definitely come a long way since middle school. His little blue cap has been replaced by a fedora but the classic flannel shirt remains essential to his adult wardrobe. Gone is Pheobe’s oversized sweater, replaced with a feminine royal blue dress. Even gawky Sheena and “Stinky Pete” have embraced a somewhat hipster fashion sense.



    Who could forget these lovable pranksters? The show, a symbol for childhood rebellion, followed the antics of six elementary school students as they managed a version of society within their own schoolyard. Lead by confident “J.T”, the middle schoolers struggled to express their individuality while operating within their created sense of social order. In 2001, the popular series released Recess: School’s Out which featured the kids trying to put a stop to the end of summer vacation.

    J.T’s confidence has certainly risen, along with his height; going for a business casual look complete with his iconic baseball hat. Tomboy “Spinelli” is wearing a “tough chick” ensemble featuring leather and tattoos. Athletic “Vince” is still carrying around his basketball while nerdy Gretchen appears to have pursued a scientific career. Timid Gus also has changed dramatically, his leadership abilities greatly improved by Army training and philosophical Mikey’s embraced a “hippie” lifestyle.


    Based on the Scholastic book series of the same name, The Magic School Bus was an educational series following the fanatical adventures of quirky Ms. Frizzle who takes her students on scientific journeys. Episodes showed the children in space, in a classmate’s digestive system, and encountering animals such as dinosaurs and butterflies. A revival of the show, called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, made its way to Netflix in 2017.

    Ms. Frizzle has certainly aged but hasn’t lost her youthful, eccentric spirit. Intelligent and curious Arnold now has an attractive bibliophile look to him while Carlos will certainly make you moan with his new model-esque features. Adorable Dorothy-Ann hasn’t lost her cuteness, sporting a t-shirt mourning the loss of Pluto’s planet status. Sarcastic Keesha appears to have a more timid nature about her now while shy Phoebe stands with a newfound confidence.


    Before Spy Kids, there was KND. The Cartoon Network series followed five operatives on their missions to stop teenagers and adults from ruining the lives of children with atrocious such as homework and flossing. They encounters villains such as notorious Father and his “Delightful Children from Down the Lane”, Gramma Stuffum and the annoying Tolietnator.

    Perhaps growing up isn’t such a bad thing. Numbah 1 (Nigel Uno) looks like something straight out of a James Bond film, wearing a bright red suit and iconic dark shades. Numbah 2 (Hoagie) wouldn’t be complete without one his inventions close at hand. Sweet Numbah 3 (Kuki) stands by her secret admirer Numbah 4 (Wally), perfectly poised for attack. Confident Numbah 5 (Abby), while laid-back, is ready to jump into action.


    She’s your basic average girl and she’s here to save the world. That’s right, it’s Kim Possible! The Disney Channel series followed the high school teen struggling to maintain a normal life while being an undercover agent. This heroic girl-next-door was aided by her best friend / boyfriend Ron Stoppable and tech-wiz Wade as she thwarted wonderfully absurd villains Doctor Drakken, Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan and many more’s attempts to take over the world. Devoted fans led to the show being recognized as one of Disney Channel’s most successful series, later surpassed by Phineas and Ferb in 2013.

    While Kim and Ron are the stars of the show, it’s hard not to notice the dramatic transformation of Drakken and his assistant Shego. The supervillain has a much more menacing aura than his prior cartoon self while Shego looks like a villainess straight out of a Marvel movie. Who knew being bad could look so good.


    Stand aside Charlie’s Angels, these girls can handle it. Totally Spies premiered in 2001, centering around three teenage girls trying to balance their high school life with their undercover secret agent identities. While trying to avoid spoiled rival Mandy at school, the girls encountered disgruntled villains on their missions to stop the rising levels of crime across the globe.

    As the unofficial leader of the group, Sam is the thinker of the trio, making the plans and creating diversions. Tomboy Clover is the youngest of the group, often being the most naive. Clover is the fashionista of the team, extremely impulsive and obsessed with boys. In Stephen’s updated version, the girls look ready to kick butt. Someone quickly dream up a live-action cast and turn this into a female action film!


    This Cartoon Network series featured the heroics of three kindergarteners who save their beloved Townsville from being taken over or destroyed by villains and giant monsters. The pint-sized superheroes also deal with problems young children face, such as sibling rivalry and dependency on security blankets. In 2002, the girls received a prequel movie which revealed their ultimate foe Mojo Jojo was actually their father Professor Utonium’s former lab partner. In 2016, a controversial reboot of the series introduced a new member of the team named Bliss.

    In Stephens’ version, these girls aren’t kindergarteners anymore. Leader Blossom is front and center, sporting her ginger locks tied back by her red bow. Sweet Bubbles zooms beside her, her signature pigtails replaced by a long ponytail. Tough Buttercup still shows how fierce she can be with her clenched fists and determined look in her eyes.


    Every kid’s dream was to have a magical fairy godparent who granted them wishes. Timmy Turner was one of the lucky few to be granted that wish. The Nickelodeon series followed the antics of young Timmy as he attempted to improve his boring life through often troublesome wishes that inadvertently end up making things even worse. Later in the show, Timmy wishes for his godparents Cosmo and Wanda to have a baby, whom they name Poof.

    Timmy hasn’t changed much since becoming a grown up, still wearing his pink cap. Mean babysitter Vicky still retains her aggressive side, wearing a leather jacket and boots. Timmy’s crush Trixie is still sporting her white go-go boots while his obsessive fan Tootie can be seen wearing an “I Heart TT” pin on her vest. Puberty has worked its magic on Poof, the youngster wearing a magenta hoodie to match his colorful hairstyle.


    Who knew being best friends with Death could be so fun! The Cartoon Network series follows the unlikely friendship of the Grim Reaper and two children, Billy and Mandy. Billy is a dim-witted young boy, prone to embarrassingly stupid antics. Mandy is a deeply cynical girl who has to be the voice of reason when the other two get into trouble. Using the reaper’s supernatural powers to their advantage, the children often venture into the Underworld and encounter various monstrous characters.

    While Grim has taken on a much scarier appearance, his “friends” appear unfazed. Billy has almost a frat-boy appearance, wearing his baseball cap and a polo shirt while Mandy still retains her ruthless exterior with her motorcycle-style jacket and combat boots. Mandy’s obsessed lover Irwin unfortunately isn’t included though fans can possibly imagine his transformation to be similar to that of Steve Urkel becoming Stefan Urquelle on Family Matters.


    Break out the Scooby Snacks! The Mystery Inc gang made their debut in 1969 with Hannah Barbara’s Scooby Doo, Where Are You? The curious teenagers, along with their trusty canine, solved mysteries which often involved encounters with creepy monsters who always ended up being angry adults hiding behind a costume. The popular series has continued as a legacy of cartoon reboots, animated and live-action movies, and comic books.

    As adults, Stephens’ imagines that the group has gone their separate ways after a controversial investigation. When Scooby is kidnapped, they are reunited in their pursuit to find their beloved pal. Shaggy with his hoodie and combat boots is a skateboarding vlogger while Velma has become children’s literature author. Daphne is now a talk show host while Freddy has become a private investigator.


    “Woogity! Woogity! Woogity!” This Nickelodeon show featured extreme sport lovers Otto, Reggie, “Squid” and “Twister” engaging in various competitions to prove their skills. Otto is the most athletic of the bunch, but his cheeky attitude gets him into trouble. Older sister Reggie is equally as competitive but is also disciplined when it comes to getting her priorities straight. “Squid” while not as athletic, proved to be a skilled hockey goalie while “Twister” is the daredevil of the team.

    Despite being grown up, the group has still managed to keep their cool. Otto has become a handsome skateboarder, sporting a half-sleeve and gauge piercing. His sister Reggie has lost her curls, instead going for sleek magenta locks and a calf tattoo. Wild child Twister looks like a hunk in his muscle shirt while Squid has slimmed down, going for a hipster style with his thick-rimmed glasses and plaid shirt.

    8ED, EDD, N EDDY

    Collectively known as “The Eds”, the group of pre-teen boys living in a suburban cul-de-sac invent schemes to get money from their friends to purchase their favorite candy, jawbreakers. Their plans rarely work, leaving them in some truly embarrassing predicaments. With a 10-year run, the show became Cartoon Network’s longest running original series of its time, attracting an audience ranging from young children to adults.

    It appears puberty did little to alter the main character’s personalities. Dimwitted Ed still appears to have a glazed look in his eyes while Edd appears to have embraced his intelligence, sporting a tie and smart watch. Con-artist Eddy has succumbed to his deviousness, a full sleeve tattoo that ends with a skull above his wrist, hunched over in a “Come at me bro” pose. Cowardly Jimmy has lost his headgear while Johnny 2×4 still proudly hangs onto his pal Plank.


    Comedy Central’s hilariously inappropriate series, loosely based on its co-creators’ lives, centers around the misadventures of four young boys in South Park, Colorado. Both praised and criticized for its dark humor and satirizing of pop culture, the show has lasted 21 seasons and remains one of the channel’s highest rated shows. Its popularity gave rise to a feature-length film, an album of original songs, and video games.

    Everyman Stan and his best friend Kenny look like models for an LL Bean catalogue, wearing parka jackets posing with their hands in their pockets. Obnoxious Cartman hasn’t lost his rebellious nature, affectionally flipping off the viewer. Somehow having survived until adulthood, Kenny still wears his orange parka, his hood pulled too close to his face, not allowing a glimpse of his matured face.


    First premiering on Nickelodeon in 1991 then acquired by Disney is 1996, Doug focused on the life of its main character experiencing common middle school problems such as self-esteem issues, bullying, and rumors. Doug served at the narrator of these stories, incorporating his unique imagination during each retelling. Various episodes centered around him trying to impress his crush Patti Mayonnaise. The series received mixed reviews and lasted seven seasons.

    Doug’s introverted nature can still be felt as an adult; him wearing the same dress-shirt and vest, accompanied by his dog Porkchop. His crush Patti has changed her polka dot shirt for a flirty dress while best friend Skeeter is still wearing his iconic lightening bolt shirt. Judy and Roger have kept their darker styles, sporting nearly all-black assembles, the latter joined by his pink cat Stinky.


    Following teenage Penny Proud’s journey toward independence from her eccentric family, The Proud Family first premiered in 2001. The show featured notable characters such as her overprotective father, Oscar and sassy grandmother “Suga Mama.” Fans praised the show’s diversity by having an African American family be at the forefront but were turned off by the stereotypical roles characters played. Penny’s friends were also seen as incredibly unlikable, ditching her whenever she was in need.

    In Stephen’s version, Penny’s still wearing her school-girl inspired outfit while self-absorbed Dijonay appears to have owned her bossy nature. Irish nerd Zoey can be seen embracing her cultural roots with a shamrock sweater while Sticky Webb is still looking cool with his shades and beanie. Popular girl LaCienega looks like she could one of the Kardashians. The Gross Sisters are featured as well, Gina still holding her hand out demanding “Hands up. Cash out.”


    Starting out as a Japanese anime series, Pokemon generated international fame, especially in the United States where it has become a widely successful franchise. The show follows 10 year old Ash Ketchum’s journey toward becoming a Pokemon master. Along the way he is joined by his friend friend Pikachu and gym leaders Misty and Brock. In their hopes to catch the rarest of Pokemon, Ash and his team often encounter Team Rocket who want to steal the Pokemon for themselves.

    As an adult, Ash is wearing a slightly updated version of his childhood outfit, complete with his signature cap. Misty hasn’t outgrown her love of suspenders and short-shorts while Brock’s appearance has certainly improved with puberty, hopefully aiding his pursuit of a significant other. Team Rocket’s Jesse and James have taken on a more devious persona, sporting matching sleek white suits.


    The Weekenders followed the lives of four ethnically diverse seventh graders and despite only four seasons, received favorable reviews. What made the show different from most at the time was centering important events during the weekend instead of having the characters face conflicts while at school. Fans also noted a better sense of writing from the show’s creator, having humor derive from the characters’ one-liners rather than relying on nonsensical storylines.

    The cast featured Italian Tito, the self-designated leader of the group and narrator of the show, Scottish tomboy Lor teased at the “dumb jock”, African American “cool kid” Carver and Jewish Tish, an admirer of William Shakespeare.  Stephen’s work shows a more updated version of these classic characters. Tito wearing his blue shirt and khaki and Carver in his yellow button-down. Tish has exchanged her oversized shirt for a tank top while Lor’s gone for a shorter skirt.


    Pepper Ann debuted in 1997 and charted the ups and downs of adolescents attending Hazelnut Middle School. Twelve year old Pepper Ann stared as the main character joined on her imaginative adventures by best friends artistic Milo and perfect Nicky. The show was praised for its outward display of strong femininity and was Disney’s first animated series to be created by a woman.

    Unpredictable nerdy Pepper Ann hasn’t lost her spunk, still sporting her classic pompadour hairstyle. Creative Milo has embraced his bohemian style while Nicky’s gone for a edgier, less polished look with her once side-swept bangs now front and center.


    The Nickelodeon show meant for a teenage audience focused on junior high school student Ginger Foutley and her friends trying to rise above their “geek” status. The show dealt with mature themes such as jealousy among friends, depression, death and much more. The series was praised due to its overarching storylines and character development; seeing the characters learn and mature over a gradual period of time from middle to high school.

    Puberty has done wonders for this crew. Ginger is sporting her signature orange curls while timid Macie has developed a unique sense of style. Darren’s orthodontia  has dramatically improved his jawline. Perhaps the most impressive transformation is that of Carl and “Hoodsey,” the latter greatly improving thanks to facial hair. Stephens’ has even managed to heighten Miranda’s strong independence, giving her a power stance, hand on her hip, ready to take on the world.

    Which one of these “all grown up” versions would you like to see come to the small screen? Let us know in the comments!

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    One-Punch Man: 15 Things To Expect in Season 2

    Who doesn’t love a good superhero story? But what if there was a character who became so powerful that he defeated all of his opponents with a single punch? Sure he would be a great hero, but where’s the challenge? That is the basic premise of “One-Punch Man,” which follows a character named Saitama, whose unbeatable power has drained him of the thrill of combat, simply because no one can stand against him.

    Based on the web-comic drawn by the manga artist known as ONE and the redrawn by Yusuke Murata, the series was given an anime adaptation by Madhouse Studios last year, which made “One-Punch Man” a mainstream success. A second season of the anime was recently announced, and fans are excited to reunite with Saitama, Genos and the rest of the Hero Association as they take on various threats to keep their world safe. Because of a delay in production, it is uncertain when the second season will make its long-anticipated arrival. Still, with the promise of new “One-Punch Man” content on the way, CBR has decided to take a look at what fans could potentially expect from season two.

    15More S-Class Heroes


    The finale of “One-Punch Man” saw the S-Class heroes fighting against the alien invasion spearheaded by Lord Boros and his forces in A-City. We got to see a taste of what makes these heroes worthy of getting the “S” rank — basically the top brass of superheroing in this world — and they certainly did not disappoint. Whether it was Atomic Samurai’s flashy sword skills or Bang’s mastery of the fabled (and amazingly-named) Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, there was absolutely no doubt that this group was the best the Hero Association had to offer.

    Heading into season two, it would be nice to see more threats catastrophic enough to draw this group of powerful yet often arrogant and quirky heroes into the fray. Seeing more from heroes like the esper Tatsumaki or even lower-ranked S-Class heroes like Metal Bat would be a treat, especially if another alien-invasion brings a Dragon-level threat. Not only that, but it would be great to see “One-Punch Man’s” titular character when juxtaposed against this cast, be it through his power or his personality. Whether they’re battling blowhards or just butting heads, more of these guys and gals is a good thing!

    14The Hero Association


    Speaking of the Hero Association, the institution should expect to take on a larger presence in the series come season two. With Saitama and Genos having joined roughly midway through the first season, there was not as much time to delve into the activities within the organization. So far, fans only know that Genos got into S-Class immediately, while Saitama started near the bottom of the barrel as a C-class hero. But that’s all set to change.

    With a bevy of heroes at its disposal, the Hero Association stands to have an increased presence in the series as Saitama and Genos become further entrenched in their affairs and are called upon more often to combat various threats. They also stand to come across their fair share of quirky heroes looking to make it big and prove their strength to everyone they come across. That wealth of characterization and the action that having so many super-powered personalities would create would be a fantastic addition to a show already dripping with great character interplay and fantastic action scenes.

    13Genos’ Quest


    As the self-proclaimed student of Saitama, Genos — otherwise known as the Demon Cyborg, as dubbed by the Hero Association — is on a constant quest for power to avenge his family after their murder at the metal hands of the unnamed cyborg who also destroyed his hometown. To that end, he constantly outfits himself with cybernetic upgrades, with each addition making him stronger and faster (in some cases, however, this hasn’t always translated to victory on the battlefield). Come season two, we might see more progress from Genos in his quest for power and vengeance.

    Up to this point, the young cyborg has made a name for himself quite easily, becoming the 17th-ranked S-Class hero upon passing the exam for the Hero Association. So he’s no slouch in combat, but he is still far from a polished warrior and is still coming into his own as a hero. Giving him a solid fight would do him a lot of good as a character, as would progress in pursuing the cyborg who ruined his life. Genos has already gone down many interesting paths for his character, making him one of the show’s easy fan favorites, but seeing both his story and him as a hero more fleshed out would be all the more intriguing.

    12New Allies


    As the series progressed, “One-Punch Man” began expanding its cast of characters, some of whom became more prominent as allies alongside Saitama and Genos. One of those allies was Bang, who was one of the few to recognize and acknowledge Saitama’s true strength. Season two could find a few more allies to hop on board as the two continue their heroic careers, be they skeptics to the titular character’s powers or admirers of same.

    In the superhero genre and other related shows, the main characters often surround themselves with reliable allies they can count on, and some that are simply there to add friction. The same could be said for this duo, who could no doubt use some more allies, prickly, personable or otherwise. While it will be good to see more of Bang, who remains one of the more grounded S-Class heroes, as well as the top-ranked C-Class hero known as Mumen Rider, having some additional characters in the fold for Saitama and Genos to play off of could add further development to the story, and add for many more unforgettable moments.

    11More Heroes


    “One-Punch Man” is famed as being a parody of many aspects of the superhero genre. Given its large class-system society of super-powered individuals, the series will be served well by bringing more heroes into the fray, either to add to the show’s lineage of heroism or just to steal yet more spotlight from the guy who’s simply a hero for fun. After all, the more personalities Saitama can rub against, the better!

    Viewers got a glimpse of elite S-Class heroes like Puri Puri Prisoner and Drive Knight, as well as lower level heroes like the aforementioned Mumen Rider, who possesses the will of a hero but none of the strength or power needed to match it. With much of the B-Class or A-Class heroes yet to be explored, there is no doubt that more are bound to show up. Others, like top-ranked A-Class hero Amai Mask, are surrounded with more mystery, while others still are due for more screen time, especially given the fact that these heroes are comparable to their S-Class counterparts. Plus, more heroes means more action!

    10More Monsters


    If there was an aspect of One Punch Man that kept things entertaining, it was an unending supply of monsters constantly popping up on a near-regular basis. Be they imaginatively rendered or just crazy looking, one of the best things about this already classic show is the design and use of weird, wild monsters. Sure, they might just mostly act as fodder for One-Punch Man’s cavalcade of one-punch victories, but it sure is fun to watch them step up (and subsequently go down). This relentless stream of baddies should continue in the show’s second season.

    The first season brought us a host of gruesome monsters, such as talking, genetic mutations like Mosquito Girl (created by the nefarious House of Evolution), the Deep Sea King, Vaccine Man and Beefcake, all of whom suffered rather expedited defeats at the hands of Saitama. Of course, who can forget the massive alien invasion that culminated in the series’ season finale. Given the unique nature of the monsters in season one, fans can expect to see the inclusion of unique, wacky monsters continue. After all, the Hero Association needs to have plenty to do, and Saitama needs more toothy, sneering faces to rock with solid punches.

    9More Than Monsters


    The focus of the first season of “One-Punch Man” appeared more on setting the kind of world Saitama lives in; one that just so happens to be under constant threat of monsters and vigilantes; so much so in fact, that an entire government program was funded to hire and contract people as superheroes and pay them to combat these threats. And look, that is always a fun premise. It’s worked for many other genres of storytelling — from the Power Rangers to Buffy — and it continues to do so here. But that’s not to say the show can’t mix it up a bit!

    The serious combat moments of the series most often involve monsters; that’s a given. In fact, outside of a practice sparring session between Saitama and Genos, the majority of combat was heroes vs. monsters. Come season two, fans should expect more combat between heroes and actual villains that aren’t grotesque monsters with sharp claws and unruly forms (as much as we do love them). To keep the combat fresh, good hero-on-hero fights and hero-on-villain fights are necessary, especially in a world of contracted superheroes, most of whom are often eager and quick to get into a fight.

    8Bigger and Badder Action Scenes


    One-Punch Man” didn’t simply reach popular heights simply because of its premise, quirky characters, or even its great art style. It gained a massive following for one major reason: its unrelenting combat sequences, which are some of the best in any action-oriented anime series, or arguably comic book-related TV shows and movies.

    Despite having a character with the ability to literally one-shot every opponent he comes across, “One-Punch Man” makes room for some of the best action sequences, which rival the likes of “Dragon Ball Z.” Whether it’s the sparring session between Saitama and Genos or the season-ending brawl between Saitama and Boros, which forced the caped hero to use more (but not all) of his strength than he’s ever had to use before, there is no doubting the action that’s left to be had in the series. Come season two, fans should expect that action to pick up where it left off, particularly as more members of the Hero Association make their presences known.

    7Parody, Comedy and Superhero Tropes


    Coupled with its intense fight sequences, one of the more underrated aspects of “One-Punch Man” was its timely and great use of comedy, particularly given the nature of the series as a parody or tongue-in-cheek spotlight on tropes in the superhero genre.

    Whether it’s the nature of Saitama himself, his unassuming appearance and personality or the surrounding world he lives in, there is ample room for the comedy to continue in the manner it already has established. One of the best tropes came in the form of Mumen Rider, who is one of the most beloved superheroes because of his willpower and personality, despite being one of the weakest in the series. That failing famously manifested itself during his confrontation against the Sea King.

    Moving into season two, “One-Punch Man” should continue its string of superhero-based comedy and surprisingly nuanced trope dissection, particularly as the roster of heroes and villains gets deeper and Saitama continues to claim successive victories with the power of a single fist.

    6More One-Hit Wonders


    Speaking of his fist, of the constant running gags (or plot points, really) is the constant struggle that Saitama has with all of his fights; that is, his ability to defeat all of his opponents in one blow (and the frustration that provides the battle-hungry hero). As we mentioned earlier, this problem has ironically robbed him of what he wants from the hero life: the thrill of combat. So far, no opponent has proven strong enough to stand against him long enough to provide an adequate challenge.

    Viewers can, and already have, no doubt expected this to continue. After all, the first season ended with Saitama prevailing over Lord Boros by revealing a “serious punch,” a move which the alien villain states the hero still holds back from unleashing, thus relegating him to the life of a nomadic hero-for-hire (of sorts), defeating monsters in one blow and moving on to the next unsatisfying encounter. While there’s little doubt that there will be an increased threat level in season two, it’s hard to imagine that a character who defeats opponents in one blow could gain much more steam. Then again, his one-hit victories are so epic, it’s hard to not yearn for more.

    5The Secret of Saitama’s Strength


    When Genos inquired as to the secret behind Saitama’s godly strength, the bald hero readily revealed his training regimen, which he undertook for three years: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every day. Given how simple and basic it is, Genos states that the feats his proclaimed sensei accomplishes would require much more in the way of training. Clearly, the young cyborg has a point.

    While Saitama maintains that his prosaic workout routine is all he does, there has to be something more at work within its structure that somehow granted him the strength to obliterate his opponents with a single punch. It’s also strange that it apparently culminated in the loss of his hair. This combination of factors has left viewers wondering aloud in hotly argued conversations online. Surely, season two could potentially explore the possibilities behind this strange phenomenon, while at least hinting at more of an explanation as to the true nature of his abilities.

    4The Truth About King


    Introduced as the seventh-ranked hero and “The Strongest Man in the World,” King only got very little screen time relative to the series’ other characters. He didn’t even take part in fighting off the alien invasion of A-City, simply because the ship was “too far away.” Was this a fair point, or simply a convenient excuse? Fans have been waiting to find out more.

    Whether it was laziness or not remains to be seen for the time being, but seeing more of King and his personality, as well as his skills in a fight, would be pretty great developments to have in season two. Given that fans already know who the strongest is, it clearly speaks volumes to what the Hero Association thinks of King’s skills. With an air of intrigue surrounding him and three matching scars to boot, one can only expect him to show his true strength moving forward, especially with more threats sure to be moving in. If he is truly the strongest, it is very possible he could have the strength to rival (or at least try to rival) the growing legend that is Saitama. Time — and hopefully the second season –will tell.

    3The Rise of Tatsumaki


    Ranked as the number two S-Class hero, Tatsumaki is a powerful psychic whose small, childlike appearance often results in her being ignored, and makes her the target of some comedic moments in the series. These usually tend to involve Saitama in some way, shape or form. But as fans saw during the Boros invasion, it’s easy to see why she’s seen as the second-most-powerful S-Class hero, showcasing powerful psychic abilities that would make even the legendary Jean Grey jealous.

    Come season two, getting more character development from Tatsumaki would be a good opportunity to add some substance to the S-Class heroes, which never really had an opportunity to develop. In the manga and the web-comic, she has become one of the most popular characters and appeared to be very well-received on screen. Adding more substance to her character will serve to heighten her overall appeal and allow viewers to be more invested in Tatsumaki as more than just the personification of a classic trope. Given that the S-Class heroes will likely be featured more in the upcoming season, she stands to be one of the main ones to shine, especially given her status within the Hero Association.

    2The Mystery of Blast


    During the alien invasion from Boros, we were quickly acquainted with the rundown of the 17 S-Class heroes, who are the best that the Hero Association has to offer. But, there was one hero who was missing in action: Blast, who is ranked as the top S-Class hero, but did not show despite the high level threat looming over A-City. Needless to say, this is one hero who was conspicuous by his absence.

    In fact, Blast is probably one of the biggest mysteries in “One-Punch Man.” None of the characters really allude to his personality or abilities, as they simply state that Blast would show up if he was truly needed. It is apparent, however, that massive meteors and alien invasions don’t interest the top-ranked S-Class hero enough to make an appearance. Could season two give us the needed threat that draws Blast out? Or could fans glean more insight from the other S-Class heroes about him? Viewers can only hope that this mysterious figure somehow has an impact on the story in the foreseeable future.

    1A Challenge for Saitama



    Given his overwhelming strength, Saitama is constantly on the search for someone who he can go all-out against, or at least someone who can’t be defeated with just one of his punches. While Boros stood against Saitama for a time in an epic brawl for the ages and forced the caped hero to perform one serious punch, the alien proved no match for him, even revealing that Saitama still had strength to spare after their fight.

    When season two starts, Saitama will be back at square one, defeating monsters and opponents with one blow. But could another opponent stronger that Boros emerge from the shadows to push Saitama further than he’s ever been pushed before? It is certainly possible, given the amount of strong people who are still out there, just waiting to make an appearance. That, of course, is part of the entire fun behind “One-Punch Man;” not so much that you are waiting to find someone to beat Saitama, but that he will finally get a legitimate challenge and a big, nasty fight! When that time comes, it will be a great moment for Saitama, and of course for his fans.

    What are you hoping will be included in season two of “One-Punch Man?” Be sure to hit up our comments section and let us know!

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    Disney Collabs With Japanese Wedding Company To Make Princess Wedding Dresses, And They Look Stunning

    One mom sewed incredibly accurate Disney costumes for her daughter to wear at Disney World but now even the older, soon-to-be-married princesses have gowns to wear. And they look so stunning, they will definitely turn a regular wedding ceremony into a magical real-life fairytale.

    Japanese wedding dress company Kuraudia Co. has partnered with Disney to create a collection of colorful bridal gowns that look just like the ones in our beloved stories. In total, the company is making fourteen dresses from six princesses (Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella). Each design will be available for rent starting in November, running at about $3,600 a pop. There will also be an option to get a matching Prince Charming tux for an additional $900.

    #1 Cinderella


    #2 Aurora


    #3 Belle


    #4 Snow White

    Snow White

    #5 Ariel



    #6 Snow White

    Snow White

    #7 Rapunzel


    #8 Cinderella


    #9 Belle


    As stunning as these dresses are, a Disney representative has confirmedINSIDER that the collection will only be available in Japan. There are, however, plenty of reasons to visit the Land of the Rising Sun so why not get married and spend the honeymoon there as well?

    More info: disney.co (h/t cosmopolitan)

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    The Artist Transforms Disney Characters Into Attractive Ravers

    As long as there is life on Earth, Disney characters will always inspire some artists.

    Skirtzzz, as he is known in his social media, has created a series of illustrations transforming the Disney characters into ravers.

    His followers have approved and we think you will enjoy getting to know these works.

    More info: skirtzzz.deviantart.com

    #1 Ariel


    #2 Mulan


    #3 Rapunzel


    #4 Belle


    #5 Kida


    #6 Kim Possible

    Kim Possible

    #7 Tiana


    #8 Tinkerbell


    #9 Elsa And Anna

    Elsa And Anna

    #10 Esmeralda


    #11 Sally


    #12 Shego


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    Illustrator Shows How Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Lived In 2018, And The Result Is Awesome

    In recent years, we’ve seen quite a few reimagined ‘modern’ versions of the Disney princesses we grew up loving and admiring. This latest interpretation by Chilean digital artist Fernanda Suarez, however, might be the fairest of them all.

    Starting with Snow White back in July, Suarez has gone on to illustrate 7 classic princesses in hip, present-day fashion. These sketched-up smoke shows look like they follow Luxy Hair tutorials on YouTube and shop for clothes at Forever 21. They probably post selfies with their ‘princes’ on Instagram and all agree that NAKED2 is the best eyeshadow palette. Oh yeah, they probably also campaign non-stop on social media for the equal rights of dwarfs, marine wildlife, and big cat conservation.

    More info: DeviantArtPatreonFacebookInstagramTwitterArtStationTumblr

    #1 Mulan


    #2 Belle


    #3 Jasmine


    #4 Ariel


    #5 Pocahontas


    #6 Snow White

    Snow White

    #7 Cinderella


    #8 Alice

    #9 Nala


    #10 Merida


    #11 Tiana


    #12 Rapunzel


    #13 Cruella


    #14 Megara


    #15 Kida


    Can’t find your favourite princess here? Suarez is still working on the series, and is currently taking votes on who she should design next (Rapunzel and Merida are tied for first so far). Scroll down to see the incredible work she’s already done, and let us know which modern princess you’d love to grab a venti latte with.

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    This Is What Would Happen If The Disney Characters Used Face Swap

    Face swap apps are a huge part of the humorous side of the internet. People love showing the hilarious, weird and sometimes even horrifying results that such apps create. But not everyone can use these applications, so other people come to the rescue.

    Disney Face Swap page collects images of Disney characters with swapped faces. Some of the images look funny, some – unsettling, and in some it’s even hard to find what was changed.

    Take a look at some of the best images that show what would happen if Disney characters used face swap apps. we at Konnichiwa Magazine hope you enjoyed our Face Swap Collection. Stay tuned for more fun, entertainment and news on our website.




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    Where’s Goku? Can you help us find him in these pictures?

    Goku has been missing for several days now. We kind of know where he is but we need your help to find out exactly where he’s hiding in these pictures. Sometimes he transforms into a Super Saiyan or into God form so keep an eye out when looking for him. Be sure to zoom in because he’s pretty good at hiding.

    Today Goku went to the Fun Fair on his own. What’s he up to? Can you find him?

    Today Goku went to a science exhibition, not too sure what he’s doing there but help us find him.

    Today Goku is on the beach getting some tan. He’s hiding there somewhere, can you help us find him? 

    Something’s happening in Old England. Goku is around there somewhere, can you help us find him? 

    Goku went to the mall today with some friends. They all split up trying to search for some bargins, can you help us find Goku, Luffy and Naruto? 

    Great working finding them all, if you didn’t be sure to check out the comments and see if anyone else and where. Stay tuned at Konnichiwa Magazine for more fun, entertainment and news.

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    Controversial Illustrations Show Disney Characters Living In Modern Times

    When you think of Disney, you always imagine those beautiful, deeply emotional fairy tales where everyone always lives “happily ever after”. Well, this Mexican visual artist José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has just destroyed it for us. Specializing in pop culture, Rodolfo measures his viewer’s tolerance levels by putting our beloved characters in unorthodox context and showing them in dark, tough situations to explore the general theme of “loss of innocence.”

    Creating such kind of artworks, Rodolfo “wants to raise the issue of what would happen with our classic characters if they were flesh and blood and were confronted by a frenetic and excessive world of fame, how many of them would prove to be susceptible to the excesses of drugs, alcohol, harassment or vanity?” Using his sharp black humour, the artist “captures images, once morbidly circulated by the media, and proposes a novel way of looking at them,” states his website. “In his work the legendary heterosexual happy endings have been deemed outdated and have lost their exclusivity. The disenfranchised will finally encounter an ending they’ve yearned for, beyond any bias or phobia.” Scroll down to see them for yourself.

    More info: Facebook


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    15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    The family-friendly Pokémon series has been around since 1996 and has been continually growing in popularity. The anime/film/gaming franchise has become an unavoidable phenomenon that dominates Nintendo’s handheld series of gaming consoles. The prolific franchise contains an impressive 18 seasons of the anime, countless games — including the smash hit mobile game Pokémon Go — and even its own real-life Pokemon Center. And yet, even some diehard fans aren’t aware of all of the dark secrets lurking behind-the-scenes.

    Maybe you have heard of the relatively recent Creepypasta that blames Lavender Town for an eerie (and untrue) rash of deaths. Or perhaps you stumbled across that one episode featuring James of Team Rocket posing as a woman. And what truly dedicated fan hasn’t scoured their local flea market for that infamous copy of the allegedly dark Pokemon Black — the fabled inversion of the traditionally structured Pokemon Red and Blue? These stories are now legendary, but they aren’t even the half of it.

    From the bad timing of the unaired “Episode AG101” coinciding with a devastating earthquake to Pikachu voice actress Ikue Otani’s hoax, here are 15 Dark Secrets Behind Pokémon.


    Rhydon 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Bulbasaur is obviously the first Pokémon listed in the Pokédex, but the lore states Arceus was the first to exist. And yet, the first Pokémon ever designed by the great, Ken Sugimori was Rhydon.

    While being the 112th Pokemon listed in the Pokédex, early sketches of the rhino-like Pokémon can be seen out of its Pokéball, wandering a cave with Red, the original Pokemon trainer.

    While Rhydon is the non-canon first, Clefairy and Lapras were also designed very early in the conception of Pokémon Red and Blue. Sugimori had designed these Pokemon stating, “At first, we’d planned to have Pokémon living alongside humans, making their lives easier.” This would explain why Rhydon can learn the moves “Surf” and “Strength” from HM’s in Pokémon Red and Blue.


    Snorlax 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    It takes more than just a Pokéflute to get a Snorlax to stand up, it also takes time. 17 years to be exact. In the games, Snorlax can be seen blocking paths and laying down in the middle of battle. Ever since 1996, this dozy character has been laying or sitting down. After the 2013 release of Pokémon X and Y, fans immediately started to buzz over the now-standing Snorlax.

    It’s believed that Game Freak did this intentionally.

    Seeing the images side-by-side, it certainly looks to be the case. The 1996 version of the character looks content, so content that in 1998 it moves to a Burt Reynolds-esque pose. In 2002, it seems as though the hefty character gives maximum effort to get moving, only to succumb to the weight of the situation by 2004. Snorlax redoubled on its effort and finally made it to its feet nine years later.


    header Top 15 Bug Type Pokemon 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Satoshi Tajiri — creator of the Pokémon franchise and the Game Freak game company — has a high-functioning form of autism. As a boy, Tajiri had a peculiar obsession with bug collecting. His classmates latched onto the uniqueness of Tajiri’s hobby and began to mock him with unwanted nicknames like “Dr. Bug.”

    It turns out that his fascination with bug collecting would benefit children and adults across the entire planet by inspiring Ash Ketchum’s journey to be the very best (like no one ever was).

    As he grew, Tajiri became obsessed with another hobby in his teenage years. The future developer became so interested in arcade games that he actually flunked out of high school due to his excessive habit of skipping class to play games. This obviously worried his parents, but Tajiri’s interest in games clearly paid off in the end.


    Underagegambling 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Pokémon is well-known for a lot of things: ames, movies merchandise they have done it all, while attempting to keep everything family-friendly.

    It’s kind of a shocker that they would let a player gamble and purchase Pokémon from a black market.

    In the show, movies, and games, the protagonist is always a child. This includes Ash Ketchum, who at this point should be well into his 20s or 30s, but is still somehow an adolescent. In the first and third generations of the games, Team Rocket set up shop in Celadon City, and to cover up their presence, chose to hideout underneath a casino.

    In this, the player (as a child in the game) can play on the slot machines and use their winnings to purchase Pokémon from Team Rocket’s prize corner.


    pkmxy 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    The series has usually given some pretty obvious names to the handheld series of games. It all started with Pokémon Red and Bluefeaturing Charizard and Blastoise, respectively. So what’s next? Yellow, of course, featuring the better, chubbier version of Pikachu on the cover. The series did eventually break away from the color wheel, with one clever fan still able to predict the names of Pokémon X and Y five years in advance.

    In Yahoo! Japan’s questions section, one user asked what people thought the title of the next Pokémon installment would be called. With a seemingly sarcastic reply of Pokémon X/Y, a user by the name of deadevil2002 hit the nail on the head. The reply that followed was also a jab at the lackluster naming process for the series, dubbing it “Pokémon Left/Right.”


    Ash and Pikachu in I Choose You the Pokemon Movie 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    In the early days of Pokémon, people fell in love with a cheeky, yellow mouse with a disdain for his Pokéball. After Sony revealed its first video game console — the PlayStation — Nintendo realized that it had a serious competitor on its hands. The N64 hosted a cast of great games including Hey You, Pikachu.

    Hey You, Pikachu is a game in which you can give Pikachu commands through a microphone – or at least you were supposed to be able to.

    The game is notoriously faulty for either failing to do the commands, or simply not registering them.

    Pikachu had a tendency to make a frowny face when the command was misunderstood, leading fans to create an urban legend. The legend claims that if you say words like “Sony” or “PlayStation” to Pikachu through the microphone he will get mad and may throw a thunderbolt your way.


    Crying Pikachu Pokemon 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Roly-poly sass machine Pikachu seems like a cute little chub-monster when he isn’t knocking out the competition, but in battle, he’s fast as lightning. It’s this speed that inspired researchers at the Osaka Bioscience Institute to name a vision-aiding protein after the little, yellow mouse. Pikachurin is a protein used for transmitting electrical impulses, often to aid the tracking of objects.

    Before Pikachurin, there was the Pokémon Gene (for a limited time only).

    In 2005, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, a geneticist with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, gave the cancer-causing gene “Zbtb7 the Pokemon Gene. This, unfortunately, led to a slew of headlines reading “Pokémon Causes Cancer” which angered the Pokémon USA branch. The company threatened with legal action and the name was changed.


    Ridiculousnames 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Understandably, Pokémon X and Y had restrictions to protect young Nintendo users from some of the horrific things people use as names in the overwhelmingly popular series. But they took things a little too far, preventing some real names from being used.

    One example of a name that Nintendo would not let players use is Humphrey.

    Although Humphrey is a fairly unfortunate name to begin with, but if it’s a person’s name they should be able to use it.

    Fans could see why the name Humphrey could not be used, as it contains the word “hump” in it. But the game went as far as preventing users from naming their Nosepass… Nosepass. The case is the same with Froslass, since both names contain a strong euphemism for the rump region of a human being. The last, and most inexplicable example, is the name Connor. What exactly is wrong with Connor?


    Pokemon MissingNo 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    In the first generation of Pokémon, there was an actual catchable glitch. Technically speaking, MissingNo. is caused by a graphical error in the game, giving it the ability to appear in many ways. Some look like skeleton versions of the familiar Pokémon Aerodactyl and Kabutops, some like broken barcodes on a busted can of vegetables, and others that look like a ghost.

    The glitch became so popular that magazines at the time started covering how to get the glitch to appear, despite warnings from Nintendo that stated the glitch may cause the player to have to restart their game to correct the graphical error. This glitch was unique in the fact that if the player captured it, it would replicate the item they had stored in the sixth slot of their bag, allowing players to duplicate valuable items like rare candies or Master Balls.


    Pikachu fainted 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Lots of popular franchises have become the focus of ridiculous death hoaxes. The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln, Pirates of the Caribbean’s Johnny Depp, and Pokémon’s Ikue Otani.

    Yes, the voice of Pokémon’s sweet little Pikachu was the victim of a death hoax.

    Despite the franchise being an upbeat, family-friendly sort of affair, in 2010 word began to circulate on various social networking sites that voice actress Ikue Otani had died at the relatively young age of 44. Most posts did not feature a cited source, though some Reddit users noted her Wikipedia page had been updated with a death date.

    Noticing that the news was not featured all over Japan’s front newspaper pages, Kotaku reached out to the actress’s agency, Mausu Promotion, in an attempt to confirm the rumors. Thankfully, a spokesperson with the agency denied the scary news, stating that Otani was “healthy” and “fine.”


     15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Pokémon has had some of its episodes canceled or banned for a multitude of reasons, including seizure-inducing episodes, inappropriate charged scenes, and terrorist attacks. So it is rare when a natural disaster brings an end to an episode before it has ever aired.

    On October 23rd, 2004 a devastating 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck Japan, leaving 68 people dead and over 4,000 injured. Episode “AG101” had been set to debut the Pokemon Barboach on November 4th, 2004, but due to the sensitive issue, the episode was never shown.

    The episode was going to feature moves such as earthquake, magnitude, and fissure — which obviously had the potential to be quite triggering for the victims. The creators instead moved the debut of Barboach to avoid sensitivity issues over the tragic event. Barboach instead made its first appearance in the episode titled “The Great Eight Fate”.


    Pokemon Ash being evil and sad Pikachu 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    For the most part, Pokémon battles are a relatively peaceful affair. Trainers take good care of their Pokémon, who usually never die, and the injured are often guaranteed a speedy recovery thanks to the always capable Nurse Joy.

    Real-life Pokémon card game tournaments aren’t quite so amicable.

    In 2015, James Austin Stumbo and Kevin Norton left Iowa for Boston to take participate in the Pokémon World Championship. The two men left a trail of terrifying social media posts in their wake, making jokes about how they were going to kill the competition and posting photos of their car with guns on the hood.

    Hynes Convention security caught wind of the threats and notified authorities who gave the suspects an order to stay away from the competition. When they showed up anyway, they were quickly arrested.


     15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    In the first generation of Pokémon when the player encounters their rival for the first time, he has a Raticate. The player successfully battles and wins against all of the rival’s Pokémon – so far so normal.

    The player later encounters the rival in Lavender Town when there is an open slot that is not in the roster. During the second battle, the rival chooses not to throw his final Pokéball, and the battle ends without the player ever fighting the final Pokémon.

    The Radicate is not used, a rarity in the mechanics of a Pokémon battle.

    When the player reaches the Pokémon Tower — which just so happens to be a cemetery — the rival can be found visiting the graveyard and tells the player, “Your Pokémon don’t look dead.” This seems to clearly indicate the player killed the Radicate in the first battle, explaining his peculiar absence in the second.


    Dragonite Pokemon 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    Dreaming up new species of battle-ready Pokémon seems like every little kid (and uber nerd’s) dream job. Ken Sugimori may have something to say about that, as the artist had no choice but to design every last one of the original 151 Pokémon all on his own.

    Sugimori became good friends with creator Satoshi Tajiri while working on the Game Freak magazine in the 1980s.

    When the Pokemon franchise started to become a reality, it fell on Sugimori to design the little pocket monsters.

    Flash-forward a couple decades and Sugimori was firmly positioned at the helm of a full-blown art team aiding in the creation of the now 802-Pokémon roster. Despite the much-needed help, Sugimori still makes it a point to personally approve each new creature’s design.


    Pokemonalmost 15 Secrets Behind Pokémon You Had No Idea About

    While Satoshi Tajiri’s parents worried about their son’s school-skipping and obsession with games, it was in large part due to his father’s financial support that Game Freak didn’t sink during the development of the first generation of games. The reformed magazine company had lost five employees to ever-growing financial problems, but Tajiri showed his dedication to the project by giving up his salary to make sure Pokémon became a reality.

    With Shiguru Miyamoto — the man behind the Legend of Zelda series — in his corner, Tajiri believed that through the connectivity of the Gameboy handheld system, the series could be a success. It would eventually come to sell over 279 million copies worldwide. Hopefully, Tajiri has a good salary now and paid back dear old dad.

    Do you have other surprising Pokémon secrets to share? Leave them in the comments!

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    15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Naruto is one of the most popular and commercially successful anime of all time. The series has spawned countless movies, video games and even fashion products as it has marched towards a position of global recognition. Now, as the sequel series Boruto continues on in its first year, seems like as good a time as any to talk about the fan-favorite series from a slightly critical perspective.

    Despite how popular it is, some things about the show just don’t make sense. Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto was too busy trying to establish his world and develop the characters to ensure that everything lined up properly. Obviously an audience member needs to undergo a suspension of disbelief to enjoy a series like this, but that doesn’t mean certain things should be ignored.

    Putting aside the fact that the two main characters essentially fought gods at the end of the series, a lot of the conflict and narrative progression in the series makes sense. In a series about teenagers kicking butt and saving the world, there are a lot of small things that will make even the biggest fans scratch their head and think.

    With that said, come learn about 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto!


    Naruto Minato and Kushina 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Throughout most of the series, Naruto Uzumaki is presented to the world as an orphan. Near the end of the series, Naruto finally learns the identity of his parents and recognizes that the power of their love flows through him.

    Just like Harry Potter, it doesn’t matter if Naruto grew up with his parents or not because they still proved themselves as loving parents in their few actions.

    Kushina Uzumaki didn’t hide her pregnancy; she walked around the city without hesitation. People knew that she and the fourth hokage were expecting a child, so it doesn’t take much to assume that Naruto is their child. Yes, they both died during the Nine Tails attack on the leaf village so people may assume the baby died along with them, but Naruto literally has the same family night as them.

    The third hokage at the very least knew that Naruto was their child, so why didn’t he just tell him that?


    Body Replacement 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    One of the most common techniques in the naruto universe is the substitution jutsu. When a ninja is in a tight spot on the battlefield, they quickly use a technique that allows them to switch places with a random log to spare spare themselves from injury. It’s a smart, quick defensive move that everyone from young genins all the way up to legendary ninjas utilize.

    Despite the move’s popularity, it’s never explained where all the logs come from! Do the leaf ninjas have a grove of trees that people chop us specifically​ for ninjas to use on the battlefield?

    The audience is never shown any random trees falling down for no reason or anyone chopping logs to use for the technique, so it’s just a bit of a mystery!


    Orochimaru from Naruto 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Orochimaru is one Naruto’s most mysterious and villainous characters. He grows up to murder his former sensei and has his heart set on achieving immortality. In addition to being one of the world’s best fighters, he has a sharp scientific mind and is constantly plotting experiments on various prisoners.

    At the end of the day, it seems Orochimaru is run pretty thin. He’s plotting for world domination, infiltrating chunin exams, and even trying to kidnap children, so how does he do it all? He has numerous scientific experiments taking place in his lair and even figured out one of the forbidden techniques.

    Not only is he a strong ninja, but he has time management skills that we can all aspire to.


    Ninja Kosuke 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Kosuke Maruboshi is the strongest genin in Konoha. As a child, he made a poor decision that resulted in the death of his squad mates. Due to his guilt, he vouched to never be promoted beyond the genin rank, the lowest in the ninja hierarchy.  Despite the accident, he continued training and grew into one of the leaf village’s strongest, most respected ninjas.

    It may be honorable, but it’s also pretty confusing. At some point, it’s easier for people just to give him a special rank or refer to him by his name instead of pointing to his rank.

    In the few appearances he makes in the show, it’s clear he’s an amazing fighter. He’s served under three hokages and even knew the truth about Naruto’s parentage all along.


    Kakashi Using Kamui 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Kamui is a special move that only a few ninjas have the ability to use. It is an eye-based move that creates a pocket universe in a weird space-time bubble. The technique allows someone to teleport great distances or even attack someone without being seen.

    It’s a powerful move, but it’s also an extremely draining technique. When Kakashi first used it during the Pain story arc, it was visibly taking a toll on him. But later on, when he is fighting Tobi, the two of them are able to use the move a great deal of times without ever showing any fatigue.

    Sure, Kakashi became more powerful as the show developed, but he shouldn’t have been able to use kamui so many times without being fazed.


    Computer 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling some modernity into the Naruto universe, but it seems the introduction of technology was a bit lopsided.

    During the Pain arc, Shikamaru can be seen using a computer to try to figure out a solution to save the day. Somehow the world had computers before mass train systems or fast food. Railroads and locomotives, especially when they are steam powered, tend to come relatively early in a country’s industrial development.

    By the time Boruto rolls around, Konaha is firmly in the present with Gameboys and big screen TVs all over Konoha. Even Naruto, now serving as Hokage for the leaf village, uses a laptop to get through his daily tasks.

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with technology, but it should have been introduced in a more realistic order instead of jumping straight into computers.


    Naruto giving chakra to Hinata 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Throughout Naruto’s adventures, especially during his earlier years, everyone around him tends to be surprised by how far he can push himself. His reputation as a weakling got in people’s heads and no one took him seriously. Everyone from Kiba to Kakashi underestimated him and grew to realize how far he was willing to push himself.

    Whenever Naruto does anything successful, like use the hidden clone jutsu as a genin, people simply can’t believe it. At the end of the day, Naruto’s chakra levels are more impressive than people expect them to be. With or without the Nine Tail’s assistance, the Uzumaki clan are acclaimed for their chakra levels and Naruto is no exception to the rule.

    Even in his later years, when Naruto’s skill levels are more properly established, everyone around him is surprised by his actions. Just like his parents, Naruto has a deep chakra reserve that allows him to utilize powerful techniques to constantly save Konoha from major threats.


    Naruto Pervert 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Taking a broader perspective, anime in general is typically more perverted than children’s cartoons in the U.S.. But Naruto some of the main characters in the show seem to be driven almost exclusively by their perverted needs. Kakashi keeps a pornographic book with him at all times, insisting that he likes it for the story more than anything else. On the other end of the spectrum is Jiraya, the man who writes those books and spends his time gambling and trying to flirt with any woman that will talk to him.

    In addition to the pornographic materials alluded to in the series, some of the characters are extremely sexualized. Tsunade, one of the world’s most gifted and intelligent ninjas, intentionally used a special technique to stay young and attractive. Almost every character looked at her boobs at least once when they crossed paths. Additionally, one of the first techniques audiences see Naruto use results in him transforming into a sexy, naked woman in front of his entire class!


    Konohamaru Naruto 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    In a lot of ways, Konohamaru and Naruto are very similar. Both of them grew up as class clowns who disrespected the title of hokage and insisted they would grow up to be the strongest ninja the leaf village. At the end of the day, though, the core thing that connects them is their lack of a relationship with their parents.

    While audiences know that the third hokage is Konohamaru’s grandpa and Asuma is his uncle, no information about his parents is available. The audience is told they are Anbu ninjas, elite fighters who sacrifice their identities to serve the hokage, but their names or abilities are never mentioned.

    Konohamaru grows up to become on of Konoha’s strongest ninja and is dedicated to becoming hokage one day by the time Boruto rolls around.


    Kimimaro 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Kimamaro is one of the last living members of the Kaguya clan. As a result of his bloodline, he received his family’s kekkei genkai, a special ability that allows him to manipulate his bone growth and mass to use them as tools in a fight.

    While he spends a large part of his early life in a cage and feared by his family, he eventually finds purpose under Orochimaru and fought alongside him. His fight with Rock Lee is one of the best in the entire series and he proved himself a worth adversary for the leaf ninja.

    All that aside, it’s kind of crazy that Kimamaro survived so long with an ability like that. Sure, he can manipulate his bones, but his immune system still works. Audiences see his health decline in the show, so he’s clearly susceptible to illness. So how does a man who is constantly cutting his body open with his own bones never have a single infection?


    Rock Lee Mighty Guy 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    The best way to describe Rock Lee and Mighty Guy is to call them quirky. Both of them have strange behavior that others perceive as goofy, but at the end of the day they are both strong fighters who will do anything to defend their loved ones. Just like his mentor, Lee is a dedicated fighter who is willing to do anything to improve, and is incapable of using ninjutsu.

    All those similarities aside, the fact that they look so similar never made sense. Yes, Lee is shown slowly adapting his outfit and hair style to match his personal her, but the two of them look so similar they could be related.

    Guy is the son of the Eternal Genin while Rock is a member of the Lee clan, so there’s really no reason that they should look as similar as they do.


    Gaara Flashback in Naruto Shippuuden 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Naruto, especially the anime, is chock full of flashbacks. It seems like every time two ninjas square off on the battlefield at least one of them go through an introverted moment where they experience a rapid series of memories.

    From a narrative perspective, it makes sense that these flashbacks occur so the audience can learn more about the backstories of certain key characters. But, looking at the situation logically, if these fighters are constantly in their heads thinking about something else, they’re probably not giving their best on the battlefield.

    Either Naruto is standing still for a second lost in thought or they are moving and reacting slower than they should because their heads are elsewhere. Yes, these are all highly trained fighters, but they need to focus if they want to survive in the high-stakes battles featured throughout the series.


    naruto 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Naruto’s parents are gone and he is constantly made fun of when he is younger. Alone and unloved, Naruto even lives on his own and has no one looking after him. He doesn’t have any family, but there are people in the village that care about him.

    It’s the Hokage’s job to protect and care for everyone in the village, so it’s a little odd that he just lets the young man stew in his loneliness. Even Iruka Sensei, who plays a fatherly role in Naruto’s life, never says anything about his solo living situation.

    It’s unlikely that Naruto is the only orphan in this world, so why aren’t there any orphanages? There might not have been people prepared to watch Naruto when he needed help as a young man, but a properly regulated foster system might have saved him a lot of grief!

    Instead of spending his childhood alone, he might have been able to grow up with foster brothers and sisters.


    naruto sleeping 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Everyone needs to eat and sleep in order to stay in fighting shape. Well, everyone but ninjas, it seems.

    The earlier seasons of the show did a good job showing Naruto and some of his friends hitting the hay, but the idea was essentially abandoned as the series progressed. Later on, as the world found itself engrossed in a global skirmish, it seems no one ever took any time to rest.

    It’s commendable that the ninjas keep fighting when the going gets tough, but at the end of the day they need to rest to perform at their best.

    It seems like Naruto and his friends participate in battles that last days, and yet, their abilities never falter, despite the fact that they must be dead tired.


    Sakura in Naruto 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto

    Sakura Haruno is one of the show’s main characters. The third member of Team 7, Sakura grows to become one of the most powerful ninjas in the world and an expert healer. Despite all that, her family is left out of the manga series.

    It’s especially odd because a lot of the book’s major themes revolve around family, and yet, one of the main characters is never given an opportunity to have a family life of her own.

    Yes, Sakura’s parents make minor appearances in Naruto Shippuden and there are alternate versions of them in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, but they’re never given a chance to become important characters.

    For anyone here that watches Boruto, Sakura is now a mother essentially raising a child on her own. It would have been interesting to see if there were any traits in the Haruno clan that she inherited when it comes to the parenting department.

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