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Dragon Ball Z Monopoly Is A Real Thing Now

If you love board games and Dragon Ball, then you may want to block out a weekend to gather your own Z-Fighter squad. Soon, you and your friends will be able to challenge your own power levels and channel Freeza’s real estate prowess in a game of cut-throat Monopoly. The iconic game is finally getting its own Dragon Ball Z-themed board set, and GameStop has just released details about the game.

Over on their website, the retailer recently began accepting pre-orders for the Dragon Ball Z Monopoly game. For $40, fans of the long-running franchise will be able to ditch their standard board games for something a bit more Super Saiyan. The exciting, collectible set ditches locales like Boardwalk for King Kai’s Planet, and its tokens are all custom too.

It’s time to take your power to the next level with the Dragon Ball Z edition of the popular board game, Monopoly! Instead of purchasing property, players can purchase or recruit warriors such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Cell. Take a look at the official product description below along with images of the game.

The Dragon Ball Z Monopoly game is available to purchase from places such as AmazonGameStop, and CoolStuffInc. The MSRP is $39.99, but the price varies depending on the retailer. GameStop will begin shipping the board game on April 15, 2017.

Raise Your Power Level. In this episode of Dragon Ball Z, we find the Z fighters in an epic battle of dice rolling and real estate! Recruit legendary warriors like GOKU, VEGETA and GOHAN to help in this adventure of MONOPOLY: Dragon Ball Z! Take a chance to be the richest fighter in the world as you encounter the RED RIBBON ARMY and the CAPSULE CORP. Friends like BULMA and MASTER ROSHI can help you along the way on your path to greatness! Can you collect all the deeds and be the greatest? Find out, when you play MONOPOLY: Dragon Ball Z! This Game Stop exclusive edition includes a bonus 7th token – Hercule’s Champion Belt!

The box includes:

  • 7 Custom Tokens: Trunk’s Sword, DynoCap, 4-star Dragon Ball, Dragon Radar, Saiyan Armor, Turtle Shell, Hercule’s Champion Belt (Game Stop exclusive)
  • Custom Designed Game Board featuring locations from the animated series.
  • Houses renamed Kame Houses and Hotels renamed Hyperbolic Time Chambers
  • Custom Community Chest (Capsule Corp.) & Chance (Red Ribbon Army) Cards
  • Custom Dragon Ball Z-themed money
  • Instructions


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