Four-month-old is a rising star in the cosplay world and she doesn’t even know it【Photos】

Nap-time cosplay means you don’t have to wait for your dreams to become your heroes.

When you are a parent, you come to treasure the periods of peace and quiet known as nap time. Your child is finally asleep and there is a brief moment where you can either relax or get some chores done. When you hear the telltale signs of waking up (crying), you almost beg for the little one to just roll over and sleep for a little bit longer. One photographer mom risks all that just to snap some adorable pictures of her daughter while she’s napping. But judging by the results, it seems like it’s totally worth it!

Laura Izumikawa Choi has been dressing up her daughter in some of the best baby cosplay we’ve seen. From anime to TV to pop culture, some of us can only wish our cosplay game was this good.

▼ Neither can talk and they are both trying to figure out how to use their legs

▼ At some point, they can redo this costume with a pink wig!

There are more of these amazing napping cosplay photos on her Instagram account, so make sure you follow it in order to see all the fantastic cosplay. She might even take suggestions for a new costume if you ask nicely!

Source: CuRAZY
Featured image: Instagram/lauraiz


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