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Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Mastered Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct is an ability that I believe all of you are familiar with. It was introduced during the Resurrection F movie, where Whis explained it to Goku and Vegeta. But at that time, they weren’t able to learn it. Ultra Instinct is an ability that can only be used by a few people in the world of Dragon Ball.

As explained by Whis, it is a state that can be used by pretty much anyone. But right now, only the Angels, and maybe some Gods of Destruction are able to use it. Anyone can attain the mastery of this technique, which doesn’t make it limited to the Gods.

By using this power, a person’s body moves on its own. Both Goku and Vegeta have tried using it, but only Goku had succeeded so far. He used this ability against Jiren, and you know that one he does it, he’s almost unstoppable. Goku utilized Ultra Instinct against Jiren and did significantly better than he did without it.

He was able to eliminate Kafla from the Tournament of Power with this ability, and it seems the more he uses it, the better he gets at using it. His control over Ultra Instinct is going to be a lot better the next time he uses it, and that time is here. As you all know, Goku is going to go Ultra Instinct in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. However, this form will be just the Ultra Instinct Omen form, and not the mastered one.

Apparently, Goku is going to use the Mastered Ultra Instinct in Episode 129 of Dragon Ball Super. This form is a lot different from the regular Ultra Instinct, since Goku’s hair is completely silver in this form. It looks like this has drawn inspiration from the fan-made Ssj5. With this form, Goku is literally unstoppable, as mentioned by Toei themselves.

The last time Goku used Ultra Instinct, he had problems in attacking, and he needed to think before he did so. This time around, that won’t be the case, I’m sure Jiren will be on the back foot now, and despite him being stronger than a God of Destruction, Goku will be a step above him. I’m so excited to see Mastered Ultra Instinct, and although we have some waiting to do, it is definitely going to be worth it. What are your thoughts on Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct?



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