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My Hero Academia Cosplay – Best of all time

My Hero Academia Cosplay

My Hero Academia has been blowing up in the Anime Community with Season three to be released in April 2018. At conventions, we always on the lookout for the unique cosplays and the most inventive ones usually who used their creativity that change our perceptions that we end up picking this hobby called costume play, aka cosplay and it’s one of those things that occurred naturally. We just finished the One Punch Man Cosplay list and now we have moved over to the My Hero Academia Cosplay list.

It was hard to miss out these significant number of people enthusiastically taking to the appearance of the amazing class of characters that we often try to capture our joy for these cosplay through photos.

These impossible creations hold an allure for cosplayers because of the challenges they present out of our favorite character cosplay they pick from across the world. But sometimes, displaying yourself like our favorite character on the scene it’s not enough; sometimes, you just want to be them. They’ll usually just use their imagination just like this duo named Sheila and Sylar aka Aicosu did and these two sure blow out the social media.

My Hero Academia CosplayView image on Twitter



The Aicosu who also known for their cosplays of several video game and movie characters have now added some striking flair to their unique appearances by cosplaying the bubbly and cheery invisible girl! Toru Hagakure from My Hero Academia. This elaborated Cosplay of the invisible girl! was done by Sheila, characters that simply could not exist in real life and there is more to appreciate than just cosplay.

All Might Cosplay – My Hero Academia Cosplay

Toshinori Yagi (八木俊典 Yagi Toshinori), most commonly known by his hero name, All Might, is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. All Might is the former No. 1 Hero who bore the title of the world’s Symbol of Peace. He teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School.

All Might cosplays

Toshinori was the eighth holder of the One For All Quirk after receiving it from Nana Shimura. He has since passed the torch to Izuku Midoriya, whom he is grooming to be his successor. After using up all the embers of One for All to defeat All For One, All Might retired and ended his era as the world’s greatest hero.

All Might cosplays

Izuku Midoriya Cosplay – My Hero Academia Cosplay

My Hero Academia Cosplay

Izuku Midorya is also know as Deku from the anime series My hero academia, he was originally born without a quirk although he managed to catch the legendary hero All might attention and from that time he became his closest student in the U.A high, he is loved by cosplayers because of his looks and also his nice personality. So today we will be looking at the best of izuku midoriya cosplays, sit back and enjoy.

Izuku Midoriya cosplays

Izuku has green eyes, messy, dark green hair with black highlights and four symmetrical freckles underneath both cheeks. During his Junior High School days, he wore a black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons. In U.A., he wears the standard male uniform: a light grey suit over a white dress shirt and dark green dress pants, along with a red necktie that he does not tie properly, making it shorter than it should be. Izuku usually wears oversized red shoes.

Izuku Midoriya cosplays

Katsuki Bakugo Cosplay – My Hero Academia Cosplay

Bakugou cosplay by M0nkey-D-Luffy

Source: Bakugou cosplay

Katsuki Bakugo (ばくごうかつ Bakugō Katsuki?), also known as Kacchan by his childhood friends, is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. He is a student training to become a Pro Hero at U.A. High School.

The first thing that sets Bakugo apart from other anime bullies, and bully characters in general, is that he is incredibly intelligent. While other bullies come across as dumb muscleheads (like Ryoma Terasaka in ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM), Bakugo consistently demonstrates his mental prowess. Even as a kindergartner, he learned more quickly than his peers, learning to read earlier than them. As a middle schooler at the beginning of Season 1, he announced that he aced the mock entrance exam for U.A. This is probably comparable to getting a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

His intelligence is apparent even during battle. While he does use physical intimidation like other bullies, he doesn’t mindlessly use his strength or his Quirk. During the Sports Festival Arc, Bakugo consistently shows his tactical abilities. In the cavalry battle, he’s able to retrieve the points stolen by Monoma by strategically using the Quirks of his teammates. Also, during the tournament battles, he is quickly able to figure out his the weaknesses of his opponents, like Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow being susceptible to light.

Shoto Todoroki Cosplay – My Hero Academia Cosplay

While people are getting hyped for new episodes, cosplayer Takuwest did a photo shoot as Shoto Todoroki, the character who can dual wield fire and ice! Check out the amazing cosplay, which was captured by XiaoHao.

My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki (とどろきしょう Todoroki Shōto?) is a student at U.A. High School training to become a Pro Hero. He got into U.A. through official recommendations. He is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia.

Asui Tsuyu Cosplay – My Hero Academia Cosplay

Tsuyu “Froppy” Asui is among the fan-favorite characters from My Hero Academia thanks to her insightful personality, froggy fighting style, and unique look.

My Hero Academia

Cosplayer 黎狱_Ristuki recently did a cosplay shoot Tsuyu in her hero costume. Take a look!

My Hero Academia

You can follow and support 黎狱_Ristuki on WeiboTwitter, and Instagram

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed our list of My Hero Academia Cosplay and be sure you message me on insta if you have any cosplays of your own that you would like me to add to the list.

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