These Naruto x Star Wars Crossovers are what’s missing in your life

Just a quick thought; Naruto parallels star wars in several ways. Below is a quick run down of all the analogies I could think of. I realize that some of them are imperfect, and that I’m likely missing quite a few. Thoughts?


• Naruto is Luke Skywalker: He is the child of destiny who will bring peace and balance to his respective universe. He doesn’t have parents, and is instead raised by uncle like figures (Kakashi and Jiraiya). He’s also the second of two children of prophecy, Nagato being the first. A bit of late bloomer who need multiple mentors to realize his potential. Rushes into situations head first, is easily overwhelmed by their emotion, and wants to talk it out with the villain.


• Jiraiya is Obi-Wan Kenobi: Wise old sage who passes along his knowledge and skill before sacrificing himself to ensure that his current pupil can defeat his former pupil.

• Tobi/Madara is the emperor: More or less pure evil that operates from the shadows, manipulating the dark organization while training a powerful apprentice.


• Nagato is Anakin/Vader: Incredibly powerful child of prophecy trained by the Jiraiya/Obi Wan character. Falls to the dark side in an effort to bring peace through force, but in an effort to make amends eventually sacrifices himself after facing the true child of prophecy in a climactic battle. Also has a hidden identity, in so far that his six paths of pain equate roughly to Vader’s mask, and Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader while Nagato become Pein.

• 10 tails (or biju) is the death star: Overwhelmingly powerful weapons that can devastate entire villages/planets. I guess the six paths of pein/rinnegan could also be seen as being equivalent.

• Fukasaku is Yoda: Small, green, wise, ancient, super-powerful alien like mentor.

• Kushina is Padame: Strong independent diplomat who dies giving birth to the child of prophecy.

• Konohana Ninja are the Jedi: Relatively large collective on the side of light who want to bring peace through refined power coupled with zen wisdom. Blind to actions of their dark counterparts until it’s too late.

• All the villians are Sith: Always in a pair(Orichamaru + Kabuto/Sasuke, Akatski two man teams, Vader/Emperor ), willing to ignore moral imperatives for the sake of some higher purpose, power hungry, achieve greater ability by embracing hatred, emotion, etc.

• Chakra is the force: Internal power that requires concentration to control. Overuse leads to exhaustion.


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