Where’s Goku? Can you help us find him in these pictures?

Goku has been missing for several days now. We kind of know where he is but we need your help to find out exactly where he’s hiding in these pictures. Sometimes he transforms into a Super Saiyan or into God form so keep an eye out when looking for him. Be sure to zoom in because he’s pretty good at hiding.

Today Goku went to the Fun Fair on his own. What’s he up to? Can you find him?

Today Goku went to a science exhibition, not too sure what he’s doing there but help us find him.

Today Goku is on the beach getting some tan. He’s hiding there somewhere, can you help us find him? 

Something’s happening in Old England. Goku is around there somewhere, can you help us find him? 

Goku went to the mall today with some friends. They all split up trying to search for some bargins, can you help us find Goku, Luffy and Naruto? 

Great working finding them all, if you didn’t be sure to check out the comments and see if anyone else and where. Stay tuned at Konnichiwa Magazine for more fun, entertainment and news.


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